Simple but powerfulAPI for multi-vehicle Route OptimizationBenefit from 10 years of experience in an easy-to-use package! Build on the award winning tiramizoo system.

Built for developers. Trusted by businesses.

Our system is built for creators like you. Our platform is simple to use, powerful in production, and endlessly scalable.

Customers who trust the tiramizoo system

  • Zalando
  • Cyberport
  • BMW
  • Daimler
  • Shell

Everything you need to calculate and optimize your delivery tours over hundreds of vehicles and thousands of orders.

Logistics is a highly fragmented industry that delivers a multitude of solutions for individual processes.

To realize the full potential of capacities and optimize resource management, tiramizoo used its historical data of over 4 million deliveries to engineer a new smart algorithm capable of meeting customers’ unique business needs, while still ensuring short computing times.

  1. Get your API key for FREE

    Get your API key for FREE

    You can start with our free plan right away.

  2. Send a test call

    Send a test call

    Send your first test call within seconds with the provided sample data and testing environment.

  3. Prepare for the callback

    Prepare for the callback

    Prepare your system to be able to receive the optimized tour data.

  4. Cyberport

    Setup your data

    Create the json call with the addresses, vehicles and constraints for your tours.

  5. Cyberport

    Send the data

    Authenticate your data with your key and send it to the API. You will receive your optimized tour within minutes.

  6. Accelerate time to market with our cloud-based service. Easy integration even in complex IT infrastructures

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