Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Route Optimizer API work?

    1. Create the query with all constraints (stops, vehicles, time windows, …) and add your callback url
    2. Authenticate it with your API key and send it to our API
    3. Your callback url will be called with the results after calculation
  • Where does the Route Optimizer API work?

    We have built our ROUTE OPTIMIZER API to work almost everywhere in the world. In case you are not sure if your country is supported, please contact us:

  • How are stops counted?

    A stop is either a pick-up or a drop-off address/location. Each stop that is optimized and ready for delivery is counted.

  • How can I track my usage?

    In your dashboard you can track, among other things, the number of API calls and the number of locations processed per day.

  • Can I change or select any other plan?

    Please contact sales to become a partner and get an individual offer:

  • Can I test the RO API for free?

    Yes, every customer gets 100 optimized stops for free just by signing up. You get full access to the ROUTE OPTIMIZER API as long as you have free stops left. You won’t be billed until after your free stops are used.

  • Does the ROUTE OPTIMIZER API conform with GDPR regulations?

    Yes, the company behind ROUTE OPTIMIZER API (tiramizoo GmbH) takes customer data privacy and security very seriously, which is why our platform is fully GDPR compliant. GDPR compliance ensures we continue to deliver an industry leading SAAS platform for logistic professionals in the European Union (EU) and logistic professionals who conduct business with companies based in the EU. Additionally, the ROUTE OPTIMIZER API does not use any personal data (names, email-addresses, phone numbers, …). Only latitude and longitude values are needed to calculate routes.