Learn more about our features which makes advantage to use the Route Optimizer at work

  • Save Time, Fuel and CO2 emissions

    A clear win-win: Thanks to the Route Optimizer, you consume fewer resources and at the same time protect the environment. With every kilometre saved through optimised routing and scheduling, you reduce fuel costs and cut emissions. Find out how much fuel and CO2 you can save. Routes optimized by tiramizoo are on average 30% shorter.

  • Boost Efficiency

    The Route Optimizer API assigns stops to vehicles automatically making manual planning with endless lists and tables a thing of the past. Planning time is reduced significantly. Planners and dispatchers are relieved of repetitive planning tasks and can focus on strategic tasks instead. Routes are optimised, and vehicle utilisation maximised. Discover the potential of automated, efficient route planning now.

  • Scale to any volume

    Solve complex problems in seconds with our scalable cloud infrastructure to more than 10 000 stops per time window! We offer the best in class routing algorithms that include traffic navigation.

  • Scale world wide

    All our routing and geocoding services are powered by OpenStreetMap data, Google Maps and other maps providers of your choosing. This approach gives you the best solution no matter where in the world you are.

  • Control risk and cost

    Calculate with predictable monthly costs vs. high costs for in house development and high failure risk. Get costs in advance with the integrated cost calculator.

  • Flexible and easy to integrate

    Easily integrate business-specific constraints such as time windows, calculation time, vehicle capacities and much more. Easily enhance your existing logistical process / system with multi-vehicle route optimization.